Convicted Sex Offender Facing Revocation of Suspended Sentence

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – A man that was sentenced in Hill County District Court in 2016 after pleading guilty to three counts of the felony of sexual abuse of children is facing a revocation of the suspended portion of his sentence.

Gary Leonard Peterson, born in 1967, was given three concurrent sentences with the Department of Corrections back in 2016, the harshest of which was a 15 year sentence, with 10 of those years suspended.

That case began in 2013, after Peterson was found to have dozens of still photos and two videos of an underage girl nude on his computer or on a storage device, including one which court documents say was recorded through a hole in a wall.

Peterson was conditionally released to Missoula Probation and Parole in March 2018. The conditional release was revoked this past November, and Peterson is now accused of violating eight of the conditions he was bound to in the sentencing agreement.

Peterson denied violating the release conditions in a court hearing on January 4th. An evidentiary hearing has not been scheduled yet. The case will be heard by 10th District Court Judge Jon Oldenberg after 12th District Judge Kaydee Snipes-Ruiz recused herself.

A court document recently filed by Peterson’s Probation Officer suggests that he violated the sentencing agreement by failing to submit an apology letter to the Court, frequenting places children congregate, possessing pornography, possessing electronic devices without rating control software, possessing data storage devices without permission, storing screenshots of underage girls in TikTok videos, and stealing 20 pairs of women’s underwear from a Motel he was working at.

Peterson’s Probation Officer is recommending the revocation of the suspended portion of his sentences, and is asking for Peterson to be 10 years in the Montana Department of Corrections, with five suspended. The Officer also asks for Peterson to be ineligible for Parole until he completes sex offender treatment, and that he be on the highest level of supervision if he does enter Parole.

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