Director of Havre Chamber to Retire this Year

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – After working for two years as the Executive Director for the Havre Area Chamber of Commerce, Jody Olson has decided to retire. Olson says that the search for her replacement is currently underway and they have already received some applications.

“I’ll be turning 65 in January. So, I told the Board, ‘I think I want to be done by January 1st.’ So, they’ve already started, they’re coming up with the search for somebody to replace me and we’ve already got some applications coming in. So, whenever it happens that the Board decides that they’ve found the candidate that they want, then I will leave.”

Olson says that she is re-retiring, as she was retired before she took on the job at the Havre Chamber Office.

“I really love this job. I would like to see someone come in, and this maybe doesn’t sound right, but maybe somebody a little younger. And it takes some energy and takes somebody that’s going to love Havre. And, you know, just kind of moves the Chamber forward in just a positive direction.”

Olson says she will stay on at the Chamber through the end of the year, or until the Chamber Board chooses a replacement.

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