Dodson School Board Holds Emergency Meeting

DODSON, Mont. (NMB) – The Dodson School Board held an emergency meeting on Saturday morning to approve a tentative reopening plan after a COVID-19 outbreak shut down the District this past Tuesday.

By unanimous vote, the Board approved a tentative reopening date of February 8th, with extracurriculars scheduled to resume on February 1st.

The new fan plan only allows for two tickets for senior competitors to provide to family or friends.

Staff that have already been vaccinated for COVID-19 will meet on Tuesday to decide on how best to keep students learning while the District remains closed.

A CDC strike team visited the District this past week to conduct over 400 COVID-19 tests of community members and assess the situation.

When New Media Broadcasters spoke with Superintendent Gary Weitz Thursday, he said at least two dozen District-associated people had tested positive for COVID-19.

There is not currently an exact number of District-associated COVID-19 cases, in part because cases are being counted by three different entities (Phillips County Health Department, Blaine County Health Department, Fort Belknap Tribal Health Department).

The latest numbers for District-associated COVID-19 cases of Phillips County residents is 19 confirmed cases, including seven staff members. There are an additional 16 direct contacts in quarantine. Complete case numbers are expected to be provided in the coming days.

Weitz says of the seven staff members with COVID-19 who are Phillips County residents, five of them had received the first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. They were scheduled to receive the second dose earlier this week, but were not allowed to do so because they were either symptomatic or had tested positive for COVID-19. Once they have recovered, Weitz says they will receive the second dose.

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