Frank “Skip” Cole Seeking 1 of 2 Seats on Dodson City Council

DODSON, Mont. (NMB) – The 2019 General Elections are next week and New Media Broadcasters is profiling candidates in contested races.

There is one contested race in Dodson where three people are vying for two seats on their City Council. Frank “Skip” Cole is a rancher and school bus driver who feels he could help with some of the issues in his hometown. He’s concerned about the water and sewer infrastructure in Dodson and wants to move the town into the electronic age.

“The main thing that I would like to see happen with the Council is to move into the electronic era. You know, everything is still paper bills and a lot of these parents work out of town. They pay everything else with their debit card online and that’s what I’ve been pushing the Council to do.”

Cole wants to bring common sense to the Council and work with the community.

“I think that’s about the main thing we need there on the Council right now is some common sense. And get the, we’re a small community and some of these folks are, I guess they’re on limited budgets, you know, and sometimes they get behind. And we need to work out a system where we can get them back on track.”

Cole’s two opponents, Pat Ditmar and Polly Solberg, declined interviews with New Media Broadcasters.

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