FWP Introducing Changes for 2020 Licenses

HELENA, Mont. (NMB) – When hunters and anglers purchase their 2020 licenses beginning in March, they should expect several changes.

In a press release, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks announced that customers will see a change to license paper. Both licenses and carcass tags will now be printed on normal-sized paper, and license buyers will be able to print them at home.

This means hunters won’t have to wait for special permits or licenses to arrive via mail, and will instead either be able to print them at home or at their local license provider.

FWP is also reinforcing the ability to have licenses available electronically on your mobile device. However, carcass tags still must be printed out.

Additionally, hunters applying for licenses or permits will be able to do so online or at an FWP office. Mail-in applications will no longer be accepted.

Customers who still look for written guidance to help them through the application process will be able to find information sheets online or at an FWP office in the coming weeks. These information sheets will not be accepted as applications.

This simple change means that drawing results will now be available two weeks after the application deadline, rather than six weeks, allowing hunters to begin making plans for the upcoming season that much earlier.

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