Grant for Waste Management on the Rocky Boy Reservation

The Rocky Boy Water Resources Department recently received a grant to address solid waste disposal on the reservation. Ted Whitford the director of the Tribal Water Resource Department explains the grant.

“It’s the EPA grant that was funded most recently was to the amount of $70,675, and in that grant, there are essentially four milestones. Milestone number one is to conduct a waste composition study by physically sorting random samples of waste from selected sites to identify the characterized solid waste generation, and conduct waste composition analysis. Milestone two is to conduct outreach and education on proper disposal and waste reduction activity, and train staff on proper disposal and waste reduction. The third one is to update our Waste Management Plan, and the last is to hire a site monitor/coordinator to oversee and enforce all waste management capacity.” -Ted Whitford

Ted continues to explain what will be happening next regarding the grant.

“The next step is we have been having calls every Friday with the EPA just planning for the waste sort that is coming up. We are trying to get things in order, and trying to get procedures nailed down so when the time does come, we’re not scrambling, and we have a general idea on what needs to be done and what has to take place. The other thing that we are currently doing right now is just waiting for the selection process to happen to fill that position, and once that happens, we’ll bring that person on board and get them up and running on the grant.” -Ted Whitford

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