Great Northern Fairgrounds Updates

(Havre) – With the Great Northern Fairgrounds receiving several updates, New Media Broadcasters sat down with Fair Manager Frank English to ask how much some of the updates have cost the fair.

“Oh, these old curb stops we have they’re running us maybe $1500 or so with the diggings because you never know what’s going to be found under the ground up here. The roofs we’ve been getting very good deals we buy the tin ourselves directly from the manufacturers so we don’t have the extra percentage tacked on so we’re saving the county some money by doing that and then we just take the lowest bidder we can find, and everything’s been getting done. We’ve made a lot of improvements up here.”

He also explained why no build new buildings instead of repairing the old ones.

“Well, the cost is just ridiculous on a new building I mean well with the grandstands being tore down we would really like to put up some new ones. And we’re working really hard to find grants and people who want to donate for that I need to save as much money as I can for the remodels of these buildings, we do have otherwise they’re going to end up with the same fate and having to be torn down and condemned. So that’s why we’re sticking the roofs on all these buildings up here and trying to protect them and clean them up the best we can so we can preserve what we have.”

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