Halloween Safety

In getting ready for Halloween festivities, keep safety in mind as well. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has estimated that 3200 Halloween injuries have been treated in emergency departments on average over the last three years.

When carving pumpkins, allow children to help by getting spoons and scooping out pumpkins, or outline areas to cut the pumpkin with a marker. Let the adults handle the carving..

Once the jack o’lantern is ready to display, consider using glow sticks or battery operated lights. If using an open flame candle, keep it away from combustible materials, including curtains and decorations. Never leave the flame unattended.

Make sure costumes fit properly. To prevent tripping and falling, make sure they are not baggy or overly long. Select costumes made of polyester or nylon to reduce the chance of catching fire, as opposed to cotton or rayon fabrics. Keep in mind any fabric is flammable.

Makeup as part of the costume is ideal. If using masks, make sure the eye and nose holes are appropriately open, allowing for full breathing and full visibility.

Place reflective tape on costumes to aid in the children being visible in darker conditions. Consider letting the kids carry a flashlight or glowstick to increase visibility.

When decorating, make sure they do not become obstacles for expected trick or treaters. Keep clear from porches, steps, and lawn areas that may see traffic.

Make sure any holiday lighting has been tested by a recognized safety lab, and check for any fraying or bare wires, broken or cracked sockets, and loose connections. Dispose of any damaged lights.

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