Harlem Airmen Commemoration Planned

(NMB) It’s been almost thirty years since 13 Airmen lost their lives when two C-141-B cargo planes collided 9 miles North of Harlem. The Airmen, stationed at McChord Air Force Base were on a refueling exercise. The accident happened on November 30th, 1992. Chairman of Harlem’s Airmen Memorial Committee, Darwin Zellmer says the planning for a 30-year commemoration is in the works. “We’re going to have a dedication of a new walk bridge to access the site, and that’s being built by Julie and Dust Schwenke. There’s going to be a commemoration of the memorial site plus a dedication of that bridge that evening, on November 3oth.”


Zellmer also told New Media Broadcasters that members of the Airmen’s families are being invited, and the community of North Central Montana is encouraged to attend. “We are inviting all of the families or heirs of the families that we can as well as everybody in the community. This memorial was built by the Airmen Memorial committee with the help of the community. At one point, I’m sure it touched the lives of almost every individual in Montana.”


The Chinook Museum has offered space in November to display a collection of Memorial Books including Pictures and actions taken over the years at The Memorial site. Zellmer said plans are still in the works and the Airmen Memorial Committee is open to ideas on how to best commemorate the event. Darwin Zellmer can be reached at 406-945-5591. The 30-year Commemoration will take place at the Harlem Memorial site on November 30th.


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