Has Day Eagle Hope Project Received funding to Build Storage

(Fort Belknap) – With Tescha Hawley the Director of the Day Eagle Hope Project being featured in CNN Top Ten Heroes New Media Broadcasters sat down with her to ask if they had received enough donations to build the storage facility as they had wanted.

“No, we haven’t been able to raise that type of funding yet but I’m hoping that access to more resources and more grant funding and donations. It’s going to cost us probably a couple hundred thousand dollars just to build a small facility so we can at least store food and just distribute the food because right now we don’t even have a facility we’re just operating out of a storage unit and then we have a small place up at K’s for our food pantry but even then that building is pretty much condemned but still operable minimal and it has some water damage and structural damages to the roof as well.”

We also asked how people can help the Day Eagle Hope Project.

“So, the Day Eagle Hope Project what we’re asking right now is for everybody to go to CNN and vote every day. Share on Facebook and that doubles the votes and share on their friends list and hopefully everyone else will vote and vote every day until December 5th and that probably can help. Because when the CNN hero will be named then their nonprofit organization will receive $100,000 which will help me build my facility for food distribution.”

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