Havre Dog Park Club Hopes to Start Construction this Spring

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – A group in Havre looking to build a dog park were granted land this week from Havre’s City Council and hope to start construction south of the Ice Dome this spring. Interim Secretary for the Havre Dog Park Board Renee Pribyl says they’ve been working for over a year and is excited that they’re plans are moving forward. She says they plan on starting small, and growing when they can.

“Phase 1 will be getting a fence up. That’s going to be a huge expense. Probably one of the biggest expenses. So, we decided just lets start smaller. Our goal was $50,000 to begin with and we decided, ‘Let’s start with $15,000.”

Pribyl says that they plan on expanding and that the land they got from the City will allow them to do that.

“Getting a city water line from the Ice Dome to up to our park, so we can offer water for humans and the dogs. We probably will at some point need a permanent solution to an outhouse. We haven’t got that far and that’s going to be a big one. Benches.”

Pribyl says they are in need of more people in the club, as well as some large donations or partnerships.

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