Havre Elks Hoop Shoot

(Havre) – On November 12th The Havre Elks Club will be hosting a Annual Hoop Shoot Event starting at 1pm at the Havre Central Gym. Brandy Kurtz the secretary for The Havre Elks Club talks about the event.

“The Hoop Shoot will be on November 12th, that is a Sunday and it will be at Havre Central Gym. It is a free throw shooting competition for ages 8 to 13 and that will be from 1pm to 3pm at the Havre Central Gym and we have awards for all the places they’ll get a certificate. First place gets a trophy and first place will automatically move on to the district hoop shot which will take place in January, if they win at district they to state and then once state happens if they win there they go on to regional’s in rapid city and then if they win there they go to nationals and if they win they will get enshrined in the NBA Hall of Fame through the Elks Hoop Shoot Free Throw Shooting Contest.”

she also talks about the history of the event.

“Well, the Hoop Shoot is a national sponsored event that was started way before I ever became secretary. It’s been going on for many, many, many years. I remember participating in it myself as a young kid so I know it goes back to at least the 70’s or later but if you go to elk.org/hoopshoot all the information is right on there on their website exactly when it started and how it started.”

She goes on to mention that several local people have won it as well.

“We do have a couple Local People that have gone all the way to nationals. I know John Barn Horse had won it and so he’s one that is enshrined in the NBA Hall of Fame.”

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