Havre Girls are Impatiently Waiting for Season’s Start

Havre High School girls basketball tips off their season this Friday when they travel to Laurel.

Coach Kraske says his girls are focused on the challenge at hand.


“We try to spend most of our focus on our team and our development. particularly early against a non-conference opponent. We have watched some film on them, just to refresh our memory from last year. They have some wonderful kids coming back off of last year’s team that are incredible athletic. We look forward to a wonderful challenge.”- Kraske

Coach Kraske also said his girls are more than ready to get the season started.


“They’re ready to play. They’re sick of practice, which is odd since they haven’t been practicing that long, but our kids are competitive enough to were its, let’s go play a game and see where were at and were certainly excited to do that. On the coaching side of it, I’m excited that we have four more practices before were going to play, that will only help us in the long run. It’ll be fun. Laurel’s a good team. I really enjoy watching their kids play, they play hard, they’re hard-working kids. It’ll be a good test to see where we’re at.”- Kraske

Tip-off is at 6pm on

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