Havre Girls’ Basketball Holding Tryouts This Week

The defending three-time state champion Havre girls’ basketball team began practicing this week. The process will be like that of the boys’ with tryouts taking place over a three-day period.

New Media Broadcasters spoke with head coach Dustin Kraske and he detailed how the process for trying out is going to work.

“We go for two hours a day (from Thursday to Saturday) and all the kids will practice together,” Kraske said. “We work to put kids in the best situation possible to be successful and we evaluate them on their basketball skills and make decisions for our team.”

Kraske said that the community has been able to produce some great girls’ basketball players who have come through Havre and he takes that mentality at the start of every season and applies it to the expectations.

“I told our parents that it is kudos to them because when (the players) are little girls, their parents are taking them around to tournaments and getting them in the gym and helping them maybe one day get good enough to be a Blue Pony,” Kraske said. “We’re blessed as coaches to have the kids that we do.”

“It’s a good time to be a Blue Pony and we know that and we talk to our kids about that,” Kraske continued. “(We) embrace the facts that we feel like we want to have a good team every year and we work towards the best that we can be.”

Stay tuned for a story next week on how tryouts went and updates to the 2023-24 Havre girls’ basketball roster.

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