Havre High Boys tip-off this Friday

Havre boys’ basketball host Laurel this Friday to open up the season.

Last year the Boys made a run to the State Tournament, this year they’re looking to make another one.

“Thats all they’ve been talking about since we got back home from the State Tournament trip, how were going to get back there, what we need to do. It’s something for us to shoot for again, that’s our focus, we want to get back to the State Tournament. We understand how hard it is to get there now and how much were going to appreciate being able to have that opportunity to get back there.” -Burgess

When about the style of play coach Waylynn Burgess was implementing, he said;

“If it were me as a coach right now, we like to get up and down, we like to play fast, we like to be up in your face, we love to put people on heels, kind of how we talk about it all the time. The more bodies we can get in there and trust to get the job done, I’d love to do it. If I can get all fourteen in, in one game, that would be great.”- Burgess


Tip-off is at 6pm at the MSUN Gym

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