Havre Man Facing Pending Felony After Allegedly Throwing Mason Jar at Man During Fight

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – A man was arrested in Havre late Tuesday night after allegedly throwing a mason jar at another man’s head during an altercation.

Matthew Michael Converse, 45, of Havre, faces a pending felony charge of assault with a weapon, as well as the pending misdemeanors of assault non-aggravated, reasonable apprehension (two counts) and disorderly conduct.

Police Captain Aaron Wittmer says dispatch received a call at 9:54 PM of two males fighting outside of the Emporium gas station.

Witnesses told police that Converse had been harassing a woman in the casino, and when the woman went outside to smoke a cigarette with another man, Converse followed them and continued yelling.

Wittmer says witnesses told police that Converse lunged at the woman, who felt threatened. The other man intervened, and at that point, Converse lunged at him and threw a mason jar that hit him on the head.

The man then defended himself, hitting Converse several times and knocking him to the ground, says Witmer.

The victim then left the scene, but was later contacted by law enforcement, and he told them he feared for his life.

The victim sustained a large gash on his head but declined to be transported to the hospital.

Converse was located by law enforcement at the Emporium, and Wittmer says he was not cooperative and claimed the other man started the fight.

Converse was transported to the hospital at about 10:22 PM with minor injuries.

Wittmer says Converse was being disorderly and trying to leave the hospital, so he was placed under arrest at around 11:38 PM, and is now in custody at the Hill County Detention Center.

The incident is no longer under investigation, and no other parties are expected to be charged.

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