Havre Pride Kicks Off this Week

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – The semi-annual Havre Pride Cleanup Week kicks off this week and runs through Saturday. The new Executive Director for the Havre-area Chamber of Commerce Julea Robbins says they want to get the town cleaned up before the Festival Days celebrations next weekend.

“We’ll have dumpsters down on 5th Avenue in the parking lot by Western Drug and then there’s always one up in Highland Park in the Zip Trip up there. So, there will be two dumpsters up there. And we have garbage bags here at the Chamber that we give out for free. They’re very nice and the highway department actually donates them.”

Robbins says they have already had a few groups express interest in helping with the clean up this year.

“We just want everybody that’s coming into town to see how beautiful it is, you know and not see any of the garbage. And especially before winter because anything that gets stuck under the snow it just, you know, it just gets worse. So, I believe that MSU-Northern is getting pretty involved and then a couple of the non-profits around town have been giving us a call looking for things to do.”

Havre Pride will run through Saturday, September 14th. For any questions, call the Chamber at 265-4383.

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