Havre Public School’s STEM Family Night

Today, Thursday March 23rd Havre Public schools is hosting the STEM Family Night.

Highland Park Principal Hayley Criner explains STEM Family Night.

“So, it’s just an opportunity for our k-5 students and their families. We’ve got a lot of different activities going on, everything from we’re going to talk about communication and how to make sure that people are getting their correct messages and things how they want from the school. Then Ms. Brekhus from the High School graciously is going to help us with a live science show, so we’ll have that. We’re going to have what’s called a stem challenge, I can’t reveal it because it’s a little bit of a secret, but we’ll provide materials and then challenge people to a task, and then we’ll have a little competition. Then I’ve got a lot of really cool prizes like codable robots, butterfly kits, lots of different STEM boxes. So, the winner of that contest will win one of those and then we’re actually going to have a drawing so everybody that gets to come is going to get six tickets, and they’ll get to enter them into a drawing for 14 other STEM boxes that we’re going to give away, and then everybody will leave with a take-home STEM challenge. So, it’s like a little bag full of materials and instructions that you can take home and use at your house with your family and with your kids. So, lots of different things, we’re going to pack a lot into an hour. I think it’s going to be fun.”-Hayley Criner

The event will be held at the Havre Middle School Auditorium tonight from 6 to 7pm. The event and prizes are primarily geared towards elementary students, but anyone is welcome to attend.

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