Havre Salvation Army Still $10,000 Behind Their Goal

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Havre’s Salvation Army is still struggling to reach their goal of $28,000 to fund their emergency services for 2019. Social Services Director Trina Crawford says they are still thousands of dollars short of their goal, which will determine how much they can help people next year.

“We are about $5,000 behind what we were this time last year and we’re $10,000 away from our goal. We only have about a week left to do kettles. So, I just would like to ask the community to thankfully consider helping the Salvation Army.”

Crawford says their goal is to help and educate people so that they can eventually start helping themselves.

“Here, lately, it’s been crazy with people who are about to lose their housing and so we are trying to do everything we can do to help them stay in their housing. Of course, we refer them out to the agencies to get the help that the agencies in this community have and we also try to get them connected with, like, the Job Service.”

Last year they were able to assist over 1,700 people, but Crawford says that if they don’t reach their goal, they will not be able to help nearly as many people next year. For more information, call the Social Services office at 265-6411.


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