Havre School Board Receives Official Enrollment Count

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – At Havre Public Schools regular monthly board meeting on Tuesday, Superintendent Craig Mueller provided an official enrollment report.

The count came on October 4th, as the first Monday in October is used as the official fall count day. It will be averaged with the enrollment from the previous two school years and the upcoming spring count day, which is the first Monday in February, to help determine the amount of state funds Havre Public Schools will receive next school year.

The total enrollment for the District is 1,729, slightly higher than last fall’s count of 1,715. There are 930 students across the elementary schools, 279 students in Havre Middle School, and 520 students in Havre High School.

“With such a small increase in the total enrollment, it’s not going to make a great impact,” says Havre Superintendent Craig Mueller. “Your annual number belonging is a little bit different formula than it is when you just count pure numbers of students that are enrolled in the Districts. So you have to see a pretty drastic change in that to move away from the three-year averages, which is how we make that determination relative to budgeting. Our enrollment, we knew we were going to see a decrease. We’ve been talking about that for the last five years or so. We have been able to maintain above 1,700 for that October count dating back four years now, which is positive. We’d like to see that back around the 1,800 student population we saw in 2016-17, so we’re quite a ways from that right now.”

The grade with the most students is 1st Grade, with 156. 12th grade has the least students, with 115.

Total enrollment by grade is available below:

  • Kindergarten: 140
  • 1st Grade: 156
  • 2nd Grade: 138
  • 3rd Grade: 129
  • 4th Grade: 117
  • 5th Grade: 118
  • 6th Grade: 132
  • 7th Grade: 135
  • 8th Grade: 144
  • 9th Grade: 123
  • 10th Grade: 142
  • 11th Grade: 140
  • 12th Grade: 115

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