Havre Schools Will Not be Holding Elections this Year

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – On Tuesday, Havre’s School Board of Trustees held their regular meeting at Havre Middle School.

Superintendent of Schools Andy Carlson says they will be receiving a new handicapped school bus that’s expected to go into service this fall. This bus will run on gas instead of diesel and they may be going with gas-powered busses in the future.

Carlson says that they will not be holding an election or running a levy this year.

“We only had one of our incumbents apply to run, Theresa Miller. And then we did have an individual that filed as a write-in, Brian Williams. So, we’ll have two trustees, but we won’t need to hold an election. That’s actually two years in a row where we’ve not had an election and it is a cost savings to not do that.”

After the meeting, some people expressed concern about possibly losing a teacher at Sunnyside School.

“There was discussion about having five instead of six fifth-grade teachers. You know, one of the things that, if we’ve been over that 140 mark we’ve looked at having six teachers. Starting last year, we had 144 students. As of April 9th, there was 134 going to go into 4th grade and 131 going to go into 5th grade.”

Some people were concerned at the meeting after hearing they may lose a teacher due to class sizes this year, however, the Trustees were unable to respond, as the issue wasn’t on the agenda.

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