Havre to Approve Lakeside Excavation at Monday’s City Council Meeting

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – The City of Havre has made arrangements with Lakeside Excavation to finish work on the Bullhook Storm Drain Improvement Project. Public Works Director Dave Peterson says that the notice of the award to Lakeside will be voted on Monday night by the Havre City Council.

The City is still in talks with the bonding company about the work that needs to be done and Peterson says they did have some money left from the original project to get started on construction.

“We decided to move on with a partial project to get him going. Hopefully, you know, by the time he’s ready to finish the project we’ll have our dealings with the bonding company done and that payment moving forward so Lakeside can continue the project and get it finished all the way through.”

In addition to two open holes in town, they also need to replace some old metal culvert on 4th Avenue.

“It’s already covered. We’ve just got to tear the old out, come back in and put the new in. And it’s the tougher part of the project because we’re in an alley and it’s a little tougher, you know, getting the dirt moved in and out of there for them to be able to lay the new pipe in there. The length of it isn’t bad, it’s just the location of it, for making it difficult for the contractor to get in and out of there.”

Peterson hopes that the entire project can be finished by this fall.

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