Havre Track and Field Riding High in Quest for First State Win in Three Decades

The Havre Track and Field teams will try to achieve what hasn’t been done in more than 30 years. The Blue Ponies have a realistic shot to win an MHSA State Class ‘A’ team title for the boys’ and even more so for the girls’. New Media Broadcasters spoke to junior track star Kaydance Reiter, who detailed how being part of this 2024 team has given her purpose to add more to the trophy case after helping win Divisional’s for the first time in the last 25 seasons.

“To represent a team that just means a lot, this year has just been a great year, especially for the girls’ because we haven’t really had this luck we’ve had in a really long time,” Reiter said. “That just means a lot to me. Me being part of that is such an honor.”

Reiter has broken numerous records, both as an individual and with her relay teams. She is a microcosm of the Blue Ponies Track and Field teams as a whole, which is an aspect head coach Kari Filius is proud of.

“It’s actually really exciting because sometimes, kids will peak and PR too early and start going down in fact the wrong way,” Filius said. “The kids are still excited to compete.”

“For the most part, we don’t have injuries and our times and distances are really getting better every weekend,” Filius continued. “It’s fun to see. It doesn’t get old.”

With the MHSA State Class ‘A’ meet taking place through Saturday, Havre Track and Field will try to meet the expectations that have been a target ever since the season began back in late March. Reiter said she is going to nervous once her events are called, but also shared she does better when she is challenged, which will come at the highest of stakes throughout the weekend.

“Going into it, I just really try to believe in myself, even when times get hard,” Reiter said. “I just have my coaches and my teammates and my family surrounding me.”

“I just try to push my best because I usually run better challenged,” Reiter continued. “Prelims, that’s just kind of all on me.”

Filius has implored her team not to think about where everyone is matched up. She said the biggest advice for her competitors is to realize that everyone is on even footing, even if Laurel is the last meet and in a place that Havre has succeeded twice this season.

“The kids are really excited and us as coaches are really excited, too,” Filius said. “We have competed well there and we’re very comfortable.”

“We’ve been talking to them about the heat sheets and the flight sheets and see where you’re sitting in the state and where you’re going to be competing and to not worry about that,” Filius continued. “State is a clean slate and it’s about competing that day at that time in that weather with everybody. Anything can happen.”

Make sure to stay tuned for the Havre Track and Field team’s run through the MHSA State Class ‘A’ Tournament in Laurel this weekend.

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