Havre Track and Field Team Gearing Up for Multiple Meets This Week

After a tremendous start to the season, the Havre Track and Field teams will look to capitalize on the momentum. Before closing the door on the previous results, coach Kari Filius took the time to commend the performances that catapulted the Blue Pony’s season so far.

“They just had great performances and they started the season better than they ended last year,” Filius said. “We had a total of four people pre-qualify already for state, which is awesome in the first meet.”

“If they didn’t pre-qualify, we had a lot of (personal records),” Filius continued. “They all just seemed to have a really good meet for us.”

The next task is figuring out how to manage two meets in three days, which is what Havre has coming up this week. Coach Filius gave New Media Broadcasters an outline for how to utilize her talent by making them split up the events that they would normally be competing in for one meet because there are many that they would like to succeed at as the season goes along.

“We’re going to enter the kids in two or three events on Thursday,” Filius said. “Then, we’ll enter them in hopefully a different two or three on Saturday.”

“A lot of them have four or five events they’re trying to work through and improve upon,” Filius continued. “We’re going to try to split those ones that have that many events with the two days.”

“Some (kids) only have three (events), so you can’t do all your events that quickly with that quick of a turnaround,” Filius said. “We’re going to make it work so that we have a great home meet, too.”

The Havre Track and Field teams will be in Lewistown for the Fergus Invite on Thursday before turning around and competing at the Cal Wearley Invite on Saturday right back in town with a scheduled 8:30am start time, pending incoming rain.

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