Havre’s School Board Looks at Enrollment Numbers

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – On Tuesday evening, Havre’s School Board of Trustees held their regular meeting at Havre Middle School. Superintendent of Schools Andy Carlson says they reviewed their wellness policy, approved a request for the Spanish Club to travel to Peru this year, and says their mills went down some this year as they didn’t run a mill levy last year.

Carlson says that most of this year’s enrollment numbers are down overall, except for the kindergarten class.

“Our kindergarten numbers just, they grew and they grew rapidly right before school started and we were in a position where we thought we were staffed where we needed to be and we ended up having to hire another teacher. Fortunately, the individual we were able to secure that late in the year was actually an individual that taught for us in the past.”

Carlson says these numbers reflect a trend in declining enrollment that he’s been seeing for a few years now.

“We’re down 34 on the elementary side from last year, down 25 at the high school. My two primary concerns would be Havre High being at just over 500 students. I’m pretty certain we’re going to dip below 500 this year. We typically go down from where we are at the beginning of the year. And then Havre Middle School, actually, is at 396. And being under the 400 mark there isn’t something that gets me super excited.”

Carlson hopes that student enrollment might be leveling off after having relatively large kindergarten and first grade classes this year.

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