Havre’s Unique Government Story

The City of Havre is free to construct its own structure of government, within Montana’s regulations. Havre Mayor Doug Kaercher explains more.

“The City of Havre operates as a council mayor and has since its inception, but we’re a subdivision of the State of Montana so we’re required to follow their rules and regulations.”– Mayor Doug Kaercher

When tasked with constructing a government shifts, changes, and various efforts have been made to govern in the best way possible. Mayor Kaercher has the details.

“Back when we did the local government study commission, they came out with a recommendation that they thought that the City of Havre should go to a charter form of government with a city manager. That was put on the ballot I believe in 2016, and it failed. Now in 2018 the council came forward and placed on the ballot the charter form of government, which did pass. And the charter form of government allows the City of Havre to operate in any form they feel fit as long as it’s not strictly prohibited by the State of Montana.” -Mayor Doug Kaercher

Now most recently it was on the ballot to switch Havre to a City Manager form of government. Mayor Kaercher explains what that ballot determined.

“Now just recently we did have on the ballot where we would be a council, city manager, council executive form of government which would have had a city manager in there in place of the mayor as the executive, and as we all know now after the election that didn’t pass so we will continue to operate as the council mayor form of government.” – Mayor Doug Kaercher


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