Hill County Fair Board Remains at Two Voting Members

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – The Great Northern Fair Board convened on Tuesday evening for their regular monthly meeting, but were once again unable to take any action on agenda items due to a lack of a quorum.

The Board currently has two voting members and five openings. Four members are needed to establish a quorum.

Hill County Commissioner Diane McLean was at the meeting and said her office has received four applications from people interested in filling the vacancies.

“We interviewed everybody. There were only four (applicants). So the reticence to go ahead and move on something, so at least you are able to function. To my knowlege, there’s not qualifications necessarily. It’s not a job position. It’s a volunteer situation. So that it might not be my favorite person, big deal. If they are willing to come up here and put in the time, to me, the Commission is maybe a little out of line not moving on things.”

McLean and the Fair Board said they will work to schedule a time in the near future to meet with all four applicants and take the next steps in the process of filling the Fair Board.

“Two people (Bob Kaul and Michelle Burchard), and (Fair Manager) Frank English, and (Fair Secretary) Anita Stevenson are doing kind of remarkable with all the things that are going on. But it’s not fair to them and it’s not fair to your community,” McLean said. “So that’s my position. (The applicants) have volunteered, they have offered their services. We need to think seriously about moving ahead with this. And I’m not getting a lot of traction there. But I will try to be a little more pushy and I will try to arrange that.”

Commissioner Jake Strissel said Wednesday that they will work with the Fair Board to proceed with conducting those follow-up interviews with the four applicants. He added that they have been hoping to receive more applications, and anyone interested can still apply. He says they hope to make decisions on applicants “soon.”

Other items discussed at the meeting:

  • The Commission has given the go ahead to allow Becky Miller to move forward with a proposal to provide power to camping spots around the Bigger Better Barn. This will be funded by a local 4-H group
  • David Brewer suggested placing some sort of memorial at the Fairgrounds in honor of Tom Farnham, a contributor to the Fairgrounds who recently passed away. Ideas passed around included a memorial tree, bench, or building.
  • Water access has been turned off for the campground as winter approaches
  • Bob Kaul said that the Commission Policy needs to be reviewed and updated since it is “outdated in a lot of places,” however it can not be updated unless a Committee is put in place, which can happen once a quorum can be reached at meetings
  • The Fairgrounds is looking for more people to participate in their upcoming Trunk or Treat event
  • English says they are planning to provide space this winter for people to pay to store cars and campers

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