Hill County Provides Update on Levy Project

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Hill County held a monthly officials meeting on Thursday and discussed numerous issues, including the ongoing project to address the deficient Milk River Levy before it loses accreditation with the Army Corps of Engineers.

Earlier this week, the County Commission viewed three applications to complete a survey on the levy after putting out a Request for Proposals last month.

The bids are being reviewed and the County is expected to choose one to move forward with in the near future.

The survey is expected to take several months, and will help identify and verify encroachments to the levy.

Also on Thursday, the Hill County Commission approved a task order paying Great West Engineering $20,000 to help create a layout for the proposed Special Improvement District in the area protected by the levy.

As previously proposed, the District would replace RSID 10, which does not include the entire protected area. RSID 10 was created decades ago and provides the County with $44,000 a year, not even enough for annual maintenance of the levy.

Deficiencies need to be dealt with within the next 5-7 years at most to remain in compliance and prevent much of Havre from being in a floodplain, which would require costly flood insurance.

Other topics discussed at Thursday’s meeting:

  • Clerk and Recorder Sue Armstrong said that they have two new employees but remain short-handed with two openings in their department, including for Deputy Clerk and Recorder/Election Administrator
  • Building Manager Daryl Anez says the a pin on the front door of the Courthouse is broken and in the process of being replaced
  • DES Coordinator Amanda Frickel was not present but provided a letter with an update. She says that she is working on obtaining grants for fire protection and trainings and is waiting to hear back on a Homeland Security Grant she recently applied for. She adds that three controlled burns and trainings are scheduled in the near future. One is a 250 acre burn, one is a house burn, and the third is of remnants of an old building
  • Health Officer Kim Larson says COVID case rates remain low in the area. She adds that as demand wanes as vaccines continue to be administered, the vaccine clinic at the Holiday Village Mall will cease operations at the end of April. Those looking for appointments for vaccines can contact local health providers, including the Health Department, as they will continue to administer vaccines, just not with large community clinics. Larson also says that the Health Department building has reopened to the public and WIC is now doing some in-person appointments.
  • Weed and Mosquito District Supervisor Terry Turner says his office is looking for summer help with mosquito mitigation

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