Precincts in: 17 of 17


Local Races

For County Commissioner District 2:

Sheri Williams (D): 1880

Diane McLean (R): 1781

Les Odegard (I): 1415

Write-In: 3


For County Clerk and Recorder:

Lexis Dixon (D): 3672

Write-In: 132


For Sherrif/Coroner:

Jamie Ross (D): 4161

Write-In:  104


For County Attorney:

Lacey Lincoln (R): 3889

Write-In: 91


For County Superintendent of Schools:

Victoria (Vicki) Proctor (R): 3981

Write-In: 90


For County Auditor:

Kathy I Olson (D): 3758

Write-In: 121


For Public Administrator:

Write-In: 306


For County Treasurer/Assessor:

Sandy Brown: 3906

Write-In: 123


For Justic of the Peace:

(Shall Justice of the Pease Audrey Barger be retained in office for another Term:)

YES: 4323

NO: 475


County Results of State Legislative Races

For State Senator District 14:

David H Brewer (D): 1310

Russel E Tempel (R): 2726

Write-In: 8


For State Representative for District 27:

Josh Kassmier (R): 643

Write-In: 10


For State Representative District 28:

Ed Hill (R):  1477

Paul Tuss (D):  1785

Write-In 6


For State Representative for District 32:

Jonathan Windy Boy (D): 333

Write-In: 26


County Results of Statewide and Federal Races

For United States Representative 2nd Congressional District:

Matt Rosendale (R): 2683

Gary Buchanan (I): 866

Sam Rankin (L): 100

Penny Ronning (D): 1412

Write-In: 4


For Public Service Commissioner District 1:

Randy Pinocci (R): 3634

Write In: 0000


For Supreme Court Justice #1:

Bill D’Alton (N): 846

Jim Rice (N): 3524

Write-In: 22


For Supreme Court Justice #2

James Brown (N): 2088

Ingrid Gustafson (N):  2685

Write-In: 18


Local Results of Ballot Issues

Beaver Creek Park Lodge Replacement (increase property taxes 8.10 yearly on a home valued at $200,000 – precincts in Havre city limits and town of Hingham):

FOR up to a 3.08 Mill Countywide Levy: 2601

AGAINST Up to a 3.08 Mill Countywide Levy: 2415


Marijuana Local-Option Excise Tax

For a 3% Marijuana Local Option Excise Tax: 3791

AGAINST a 3% Marijuana Local Option Excise Tax: 1215


Should the City of Havre amend its Havre City Charter and adopt a Council-Manager of Government?  (precincts in Havre only):

FOR the Council-Manager form of Government: 1396

AGAINST the Council-Manager form of Government: 1517


Local Results of Statewide Ballot Issues

Constitutional Amendment No. 48:

(An Amendment torthe Montana Constitution to explicitly protect electronic data from unreasonable search and seizures)

YES: 3952

NO: 960


Legislative Referendum No. 131:

(Legally protect born-alive infants by imposing criminal penalties on health care providers)

YES: 2393

NO: 2538