Hometown Hunger Food Drive to Help Hungry Locals

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Until Christmas Eve, Gary and Leo’s IGA in Havre is running their Hometown Hunger Food Drive to help support Havre’s Food Bank and Salvation Army. Store Manager Tracy Job says the drive takes place every November and December and customers may donate at the register to those in need. He says they offer a $25 donation and a $40 donation.

“The $25 one is based on the list of groceries and household needs that was provided to us by Trina Crawford from the Salvation Army. She gave us a list of items that she thought were most important for folks to donate. So, we took that list and built the $25 off of that.”

Job says all the donations go to Havre’s Food Bank and Salvation Army and are provided to locals in need.

“We take those dollars and we purchase cases of product of these items so that we can stretch that donated dollar as far as it’ll go. And, over the years, it’s been tens of thousands of dollars have been donated to the program. This year, we’ve already had the Lions group come in and make a nice donation toward the Hometown Hunger Food Drive.”

The $40 donation box comes with the same items in the smaller box, along with food for a holiday meal.

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