Honor Our Legacy Fashion Show 9/16

(Box Elder) – On Saturday, September 16, Winz Casino and Hotel hosted the Honor Our Legacy Fashion Show at 6pm. Rebekah Jarvey the Honor Our legacy Fashion Show Coordinator talks about the fashion show.

“Honor Our Legacy Fashion Show is a two-part event that is free and open to the public. the first part of Honor Our Legacy fashion show is broken down into categories where people could enter and win cash prizes. Then the second part of the Fashion Show is the designer showcase so there are invited designers and they’re from all different parts of the United States and they have very different unique styles and we also are having performers. I’m really excited because we have four performers lined up. Then, the fashion show is going to end after the designer showcase. We’re going to end with two musical guests. The first one is Spur Pourier who is a traditional music artist, and the last musical performer is Nataani Means, who is a hip-hop artist. Then we also have a guest DJ coming from Washington, and his name is DJ Big Rez, and he is really known for playing predominantly indigenous music.”

She went on to talk about the history of the fashion show.

“So, the history of the fashion show started back in 2017. It originally started at Stonechild College, and it started to be a part of Native American week so us in Rocky Boy we celebrate Native American League the last week in September. So, the fashion show was like at the end of the week just to like celebrate and put like a close into the week of festivities and we had it at that date for 3 years but because of the weather it got too cold. So, in 2021 we moved the date and then we started having it on the second weekend we found out like the second weekend here in September works better.”

She continued by talking about the designers that will be at the show.

“The designers are Sweet Sage woman from the Crow Nation Yolanda Old Dwarf she has an incredible line then our second designer is Lisa Redford she is from the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara affiliated tribes in Newtown, North Dakota and her brand is called Inspired By LCR and then our last designer is Sherleen Yellowhair and her brand is called Sheel Designs and she’s coming all the way from the Navajo Nation and she has homemade gowns.”

Rebekah finished by talking about how the show honors Native American history and fashion.

“A long time ago a lot of our people here in Rocky Boy a lot of the family they know their family colors they had their family design and when they were like at a social Gathering or at a pow wow then you knew what family they came from you knew what tribe they came from just by their colors and their designs that they wore and we kind of lost that. Now, when you go to a social gathering, you see a lot of mixed colors and mix designs, and they’re not really sure. So, when the community enters the first part of the fashion show, and the idea was that they research their history on their family colors their family designs and they even talk to their grandparents or aunts and uncles to see if they could use an heirloom and then possibly make something or use the heirloom and show it off and enter the fashion show.”

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