Hospitals Along the Hi-Line Begin Strategic Planning

The Chester Hospital and other rural hospitals in North Central Montana have recently become affiliated and now work under one system, Logan Health.

Shari Dolan the Logan Health Chester Hospital President and Chief Financial officer explains how the hospitals are coordinating after joining the Logan Health System.

“What we’re working on with Logan Health is we are doing some strategic planning, and we have the hospital in Chester, the one in Shelby, the one in Conrad, and one in Cutbank are all relatively new affiliations with Logan, some being a little over a year ago. So, we’re in the process of doing what we are calling strategic planning for service lines. We’re going to sit down. We want to figure out what is needed on the Hi-Line? What is needed for our small rural communities to help our patients not have to travel as far, and then we’ll figure out which hospitals have the staffing and the equipment to make it happen.” -Shari Dolan

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