HPS to host public forum for School Board of Trustees candidates.

(Havre) The Havre Education Association is hosting a public forum for the Havre Public Schools School Board Candidates at 7 pm on April 18th in the Havre High School Auditorium.

New Media Broadcasters spoke with Lindsey Ratliff, the Havre Education Association’s High School Building Representative, to get more context.

“We’ll usually, every year that there’s a school board election, the Havre Education Association, the Teachers Union, they like to help educate the community about the different school board candidates and what their priorities are. We give them an opportunity to speak in a public setting they all have the same questions they get to introduce themselves and lay their priorities.” she said.

There are two open seats this time around, and the candidates running are: Jake Ingram, Lorraine Larson and Shanetrice Allen, in addition to Kelly Compton as a write-in candidate.

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