Hunters Should Know Differences Between Grizzlies, Black Bears

MISSOULA, Mont. (NMB) – Hunting season is here and in order to reduce the number of accidental shootings of grizzly bears by black bear hunters, fall hikers and campers are encouraged to know that grizzly bears have greatly expanded their range. A press release says that archery season opened September 7th and rifle season will follow in October.

It’s important for hunters, hikers and campers to know that size and color alone are not ways of identifying a grizzly bear from a black bear. People should use a combination of identifying factors to identify grizzly bears and black bears. Often, young grizzly bears can be mistaken for a black bear.

It’s important to know the difference between the two bears because grizzly bears are a protected species. Hunters who misidentify grizzly bears and shoot them not only can face fines and jail time, but also can deal a major blow to the future of grizzly bear populations.

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