Irrigation Ban in Effect in Havre to Repair Water Tank

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Earlier this week, the Havre Public Works Department enacted a lawn watering ban to help conserve water while they repair a City water tank.

Manager Dave Peterson said that the hatch that failed earlier this year has failed again, but they have to wait for the ice inside the tank to melt before they can start repairs. They are attempting to add heat to the tank to melt the ice faster, but Peterson says they really need some warm weather to melt several feet of ice that has built up at the bottom and on the sides of the tank.

He says that once the ice is melted, it will take a few days to fix the damaged manway and a few days to fill the 3.5 million gallon tank.

Until the repairs are made, the City asks that people do not do any outside irrigating to conserve water in their remaining tanks. At this rate, repairs may not be made for three to four weeks, unless we get some warm weather. If you have any questions, call the Havre Department of Public Works at 265-4941.

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