Lead Mitigation at Havre Public Schools

All public schools in Montana were required to test their water fixtures for lead starting in 2020.

At that time Havre public schools tested their water for lead and found that some fixtures exceeded the state’s minimum level for lead.

Scott Filius the Director of Facilities and Transportation for Havre public schools explains.

“We tested every faucet every spicket in all the schools in 2020. We came back with a couple of high readings in the middle school and high school. One of the things that you’re supposed to do when you do those tests is you flush the system cause you’re trying to find out if it’s in your water. We didn’t get a flush in one of the buildings, so we retested both those buildings and those numbers came down. We did have one spicket in a camera room that no longer gets used. We turned the spicket off.”-Scott Filius

After flushing the faucets and turning off the other Havre Public schools received a passing grade from the Department of Environmental Quality.

“They have all got traces, it’s just whether they hit the state minimums or not and when we retested, they all were in our safe zone so that gave us a passing grade.” -Scott Filius

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