Lights’ Basketball Joining in on “Field Trip Game” Fun After UM Exhibition

It’s been a funky week scheduling wise for MSU-Northern Lights basketball. The team played a Tuesday exhibition against the University of Montana in Missoula and lost (91-67). Lights coach Shawn Huse said the size of the opponent was something the team hadn’t experienced before, but also credited his squad with performing better as the game went along.

“I don’t think we’ve ever faced the size that we did with them physically,” Huse said. “After they leveled out, I thought we played them even in the second half, even outscoring them.”

“I told our guys (to) not overthink this,” Huse continued. “I thought our guys did everything they could. I was pleased. Onward we go.”

Northern has to adjust to the early week tilt and get ready for the University of Alberta-Augustana, who comes to Havre for the team’s “Field Trip Game”. There will be a bunch of screaming kids cheering on not only the Lights, but the Skylights as well, who play the first game of the doubleheader. Huse said he is looking forward to having the energy the kids bring, but also links that to how his team will be back out on the court.

“Those kids get pretty excited and that’s great,” Huse said. “The atmosphere is different but it’s still very positive with lots of energy.”

“It’s a nice opportunity for us to get back out there and play after going through some rough moments down in Missoula,” Huse continued. “We’ll be on our home floor and we’re excited for it.”

The Lights (6-2) will take to their home court around 12:30pm on Thursday for their turn at the “Field Trip Game” atmosphere against the University of Alberta-Augustana.

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