Local Groups Meet to Bring Main Street Montana to Havre

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – A meeting was held Monday afternoon at Havre’s City Hall to discuss getting the city involved with the Main Street Montana program. Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jody Olson says that after the City becomes an affiliate community, grants become available to help better the downtown area.

“It’ll be a downtown, it’s not actually a revitalization, but it’ll be like a downtown plan. So the business owners need to get together along with any, you know, more interested parties. And I think the first step is putting together maybe a Steering Committee. And then after that, there is some paperwork to fill out to become an affiliate community.”

Olson says that most communities create a master plan to outline the kinds of improvements they would like to see.

“Most people maybe do a master plan first. You know, so you can get everybody and decide what the town actually wants and needs and then you go from there and you follow that plan. There was several people after the meeting that volunteered to be on the Steering Committee. So, yeah, I think it’s a go. I think it’s going to move forward and I’m really pleased with that.”

Olson said that the City of Havre and Bear Paw Development Corporation are also working on this project.

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