Main Street Montana Program Moving Closer Toward Affiliation

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Havre is moving closer toward becoming a part of the Main Street Montana program, which would open grants up to the community to make improvements. Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Julea Robbins says while she will still attend meetings for the Main Street Montana group, her office is not really involved with the decision-making process.

“It’s kind of a group that takes itself over from here on out. We’re involved without being that involved. So, I’ll still go to meetings and everything. But they are getting their application in. They’ve taken it, kind of, upon themselves now to get that group moving.”

Robbins says that the grants that will become available once becoming a Main Street Montana community can be used for almost anything to revitalize downtown.

“It definitely does provide us with a more beautiful town to promote. A more beautiful town to bring businesses in and then keep businesses going. And really, what the Chamber is about is businesses in Havre. And so, when they are happy, we are happy. And so to be able to facilitate this program and kind of help them get it going, it’s really, it is going to help us in return.”

Robbins says the Main Street Montana group is responsible for deciding how to use any grant funds they receive and what they want Havre to look like.

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