MDT ordinance forces local hot-dog stand to move locations.

(Havre) Scott Adams, owner of Guard Dog Hotdogs, was compelled to change his hot dog stands location which normally sets up in front of the Palace Bar on highway 2, due to noncompliance with state ordinance.

We spoke with Adams for more information

“They were like ‘do you have an encroachment permit?’ So, somebody up at the DOT called, a guy up there called like three times I guess, and they said, ‘you have to remove Scott, he’s basically breaking this encroachment deal.'”

Adams says that since that time, he’s attempted to apply for an encroachment permit and hasn’t received one. According to the Montana Department of Transportation, an encroachment permit is a document that an owner must secure prior to occupying a highway right-of-way, whether overhead, underground or on the surface.

This issue was further discussed in the City of Havre’s Streets and Sidewalks Committee meeting in June, where the committee expressed that there wasn’t anything that they could do to allow Adams to keep his stand in front of the Palace Bar.

Adams said part of the reason he started the stand was because of a lack of places to eat late at night in Havre, “When I was a kid you could you used to be able to go to the 4B’s and eat but you can’t find food anywhere, you know, late at night”

New Media Broadcasters is in the process of contacting the Montana Department of Transportation office in Havre for comment, stay tuned for more information.

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