Milk River Basin Still in Severe Drought

The March water supply outlook report is out. Clayton Jordan the Supervisor of river and reservoir Operations explains the report.

“So, our office put together a water supply outlook once a month. it’s an outlook for the next twelve months that is updated once a month. It looks at various things to project what is the projected water supply for the Milk River Project.”-Clayton Jordan

He continues to explain that the Milk River Basin is still in a drought.

“The previous two years have been a drought, and some parts of the state have seen some relief from the drought, unfortunately the Milk River Basin has not seen much relief over the last two years. So, it is fair to say we’re still in a drought in the Milk River Basin. There is a drought monitor map and it does show that a good portion of the basin is still considered to be in a severe drought with some portions in an extreme drought.”-Clayton Jordan

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