Montana Elite Invitational Begins Saturday

The 2024 Montana Elite Invitational is taking place this weekend in Great Falls. Basketball’s most athletic high school juniors, sophomores, and freshman from across the Treasure State will take the court at the McLaughlin Center in Great Falls for three days of a camp-style showcase with the public being allowed to view the final two days of play.

New Media Broadcasters talked with Josh Huestis, the founder of the MEI. Four of the 56 participants are from New Media Broadcasters listening areas. After analyzing Box Elder’s Tracen Jilot earlier this week, Huestis gave a breakdown of the other three, starting with returner Amaya Jarvis, who just finished her sophomore season at Havre High. Huestis said as she returns for another go round at this invite that her determination on the court stands out amongst the rest.

“With Amaya, I’ve had the chance to see her not only at the MEI, but other events, too,” Huestis said. “What stands out to me is just her intense competitiveness.”

“She’s kind of like a silent killer out there,” Huestis continued. “She just goes out, she plays hard, she’s physical, she can score the ball, she moves ball, and she plays great defense.”

“She just gets this intensity in the way that she plays that she can take over games,” Huestis said. “She’s really exciting to watch.”

Two newcomers that have entered the picture are girls from the mighty 9C. CJI’s Brynn Kammerzell and Big Sandy’s Eva Yeadon caught the attention of Huestis and his partners who help recruit the talent needed to make the event what it is.

Starting with Kammerzell, Huestis pointed out the obvious about her length and height, but said that she plays with more of a veteran presence than her freshman year might suggest. He then discussed Yeadon, who took a leap from her sophomore to junior season and how that has defined her as she continues to be in the spotlight.

“Looking at Brynn immediately, I was impressed with her because of the way she plays,” Huestis said. “If you were just to watch her, you would have no clue that she was a freshman.”

“She’s able to play great defense, blocking shots as well as being really composed in the post,” Huestis continued. “She is just super talented. I’m really excited to see where she ends up because she has a ton of potential.”

“Eva is definitely one of the better scorers in the state,” Huestis said. “Her versatility is what’s so impressive because what makes a great player is not only being a great scorer, but being a scorer, a rebounder, being able to move, being able to play defense. That’s just what she does really well.”

The 2024 Montana Elite Invitational starts on Saturday and the public can watch the games that take place on Sunday and Monday. Tickets are still available at with the proceeds going back into his foundation to support the youth of this state.

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