Montana Millionaire

KRTV reports that this past Friday the Montana Lottery announced that the annual Montana Millionaire event will again include two separate million-dollar grand prizes this year. With a second-tier prize of $100,000 added to the final drawing.

Tickets will be sold until all 280,000 are gone. Each ticket is $20, and they will go on sale Tuesday, November 1st. Last year all tickets sold out within 6 days of them going on sale.

Two “early bird” drawings will occur, one on November 25th for $100,000 and the other on December 16th for $25,000.

3,000 tickets will be “instant win” tickets, worth either $500 or $100.

The drawing for the three big prizes will occur between December 26, 2022, and January 1, 2023. No exact date has been determined.

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