MSU-N Skylights’ Basketball Coach On How Hawaii Trip Went

The MSU-N Skylights basketball team finished up a Thanksgiving weekend tournament recently. New Media Broadcasters caught up with head coach Chris Mouat and he detailed the travel that it took from Havre to Honolulu where the tournament was being played last weekend.

“Getting anywhere from Havre, Montana can be difficult,” Mouat said. “Our travel day (last Wednesday) was extremely long. We were up and adam about five in the morning and I don’t think we got to bed that night until about three in the morning our time.”

“We had to adjust to the time change and so we practiced really hard (and) really well,” Mouat said. “I was really proud of our kids for the way they handled the trip as far as business.”

The team then had a couple of days to acclimate and get ready to face Eastern Oregon and Chaminade. The Skylights split those games with a loss against the Mountaineers before bouncing back to beat the Silverswords. Coach Mouat said how the team was able to respond from the defeat to end the tournament on a high note.

“I thought we executed okay (against) Eastern Oregon, a nationally ranked team,” Mouat said. “I think the biggest thing that really hurt us despite the rebounding was our turnover number.  We really shot poorly from the field, from three, (and) even from the free throw line, where we’ve been pretty good all year.”

“I think we showed some things from the first game and then took that into the second, which is what it’s about,” Mouat continued. “We faced a lot of adversity in that (sec0nd) game. For our kids to persevere and grind through that, I’m really proud of them because a lot of teams would have folded.”

This team worked hard to get to Honolulu to even be present at the games. The Skylights will enjoy the next couple of days before heading back to Havre on Wednesday. Mouat said what his team was doing at the time NMB spoke with him.

“All 14 (players) are out there together right now on surfboards taking surfing lessons,” Mouat said. “I see a lot of them falling into the water, but some of them are standing on their boards, so I’m seeing mixed results.”

“They’re having a good time and I think just being together,” Mouat continued. “The sunshine obviously is great.”

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