MSUN Set to Receive Tremendous Project Funding

There is a lot of good news coming out of MSUN. House Bill five is presenting MSUN with a tremendous amount of funding to make campus improvements.

Chancelor Greg Kegel explains house bill five and the new projects coming to MSUN.

“House Bill Five contains all of the long-range building planning and there was a number of projects that we had on our list that actually went forward from the governor and they were significant. The rebuilding of the Pershing Hall, new roof on the library, a new roof on the Metal Tech Center, complete upgrade on Brockmann Center. There was some restoration stuff on the old farm mechanics building that is included in all of that. It’s probably the biggest funding I think we have ever got through long-range building process to do restorations, so very thankful of that. It was actually huge.”-Chancelor Greg Kegel

Another big project coming to MSUN is the Aurora complex. The Aurora complex will be a new building on the MSUN campus aimed to enhance student life.

Chancelor Kegel explains more.

“Still working on the Aurora Complex, a complex built for our students. It’s a student center. That fortunately was amended into House Bill Five, so it’s in there and we got some wonderful testimony in support from legislators across the state of Montana. We all are very hopeful that it goes thru and that we get the funding, and we can start on it literally immediately, and we will start on it immediately.” -Chancelor Greg Kegel

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