New Meat and Poultry Processing Funding

Bear Paw Development recently got a large grant. Trish Cichosz the Director of Loan Services explains the grant.

“So, this grant is the Meat and Poultry Intermediary Lending Program Grant. So, it’s a grant to Bear Paw and the other coalition members that we applied with for us to lend out to businesses who want to start up or expand their meat and poultry processing or custom exempt businesses they already have.” -Trish Cichosz

The grant is from USDA and specifically for meat and poultry processing in rural communities. Now that Bear Paw Development has been selected for the grant Trish explains what will be happening next.

“Next we have to finish our grant conditions with USDA since we are the lead applicant and set up a meeting with our coalition to discuss the projects that we have and start to get loans written up.”– Trish Cichosz

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