Northern Basketball Camp Filled with Fun Day One

The MSU-Northern Lights basketball team kicked off the annual kids’ camp on Tuesday. New Media Broadcasters caught up with head coach Shawn Huse and asked him about the consistency of the camp and why the kids, which range from kindergarten to freshman in high school, have been having fun in the 22 years he’s been coaching.

“Overall, (it’s been) a lot of the same stuff that we’ve been doing year in and year out,” Huse said. ” It seems like it’s been a lot of fun and very competitive.”

“It’s something you might call organized chaos a little bit,” Huse continued. “We really keep them going the whole time and they work really hard. They should sleep really well as the week goes along.”

“They gradually remember which teams they’re on for the different games and the different groups and the different learning stations,” Huse said.

The camp was filled with Northern Lights players, who act as coaches throughout the four days at the Armory Gym. One of those players, recent recruit Jackson Nordboe, had previously mentioned attending these summer camps in the past as a reason he wanted to play for the Lights. Now that he is in Havre to enroll in college starting in the fall, he was taken aback by the first day of camp where he was coaching the kids whose shoes he was in just a few years ago.

“It was very surreal,” Nordboe said. “Definitely to see the other perspective.”

“Very cool to be a coach now instead of a player,” Nordboe continued. “It’s a really cool experience.”

Brooks Diekhans has been attending MSU-Northern basketball camps for the last seven years. He just wrapped up his first season playing varsity basketball at Fort Benton High School. He said what makes each year special when he comes to Northern to play with kids from around the state.

“Just playing with the college players and seeing what they look like,” Diekhans said. “Everyone coming together from all over the state and just hanging out.”

The MSU-Northern basketball camp will continue through Friday and walk-ins are still being accommodated.

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