Northstars Looking Forward to Fun and New Challenges

The Havre Northstars baseball team is gearing up for a unique two-day stretch of events this weekend. The team will start out rubbing shoulders with professional ballplayers as the Great Falls Voyagers, a Pioneer League team of the Major League Baseball Professional Partner League, will make their way up for a camp and a scrimmage with the local squad. Havre coach Patch Wirtzberger characterized the partnership the Voyagers and Northstars have made over the years and what this outing will do not only for his club, but also for the community.

“It’s great what the Voyagers are doing trying to raise a little bit of awareness for their program,” Wirtzberger said. “That’s always fun to watch the next level of baseball and how they do things and how strong and fast and good they are.”

“It’s a great benefit to us and really fun for our fans,” Wirtzberger continued.

After the fun and games of scrimmaging with the Voyagers, the Northstars will hit the road once again, this time heading to Billings. The team will take on the non-conference opponent Billings Cardinals, a program that coach Wirtzberger said his Northstars have not faced to this point dating back to when he first joined the coaching staff in 2018. He also listed the challenges of doing such a lengthy road trip in one day, but said his team is used to the distance because of the geographical location of Havre to all the other teams that play in the region.

“Going to Billings and coming back in the same day is a challenge within itself because it’s a long trip (and a) doubleheader,” Wirtzberger said. “It’s really nothing new to these guys. We want to play games and we’re going to have to travel a little bit just because of where we’re at.”

“These non-conference games are just another opportunity for us to practice and get better and get kids in the game to give them experience,” Wirtzberger continued. “I think the guys will be really excited to get out on the field against an opponent who we haven’t really played ever, at least since I started coaching.”

New Media Broadcasters will have coverage from this weekend’s Havre Northstars outings, featuring a 12pm Voyagers camp for kids and a 2pm scrimmage open to the public at American Legion Park on Saturday and then the Sunday doubleheader in Billings against the Cardinals.

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