Phillips County 4-H Auction Sees Stellar Showing

PHILLIPS COUNTY, Mont. (NMB) – For the second year running, the Phillips County Fair’s 4-H Livestock Auction pulled in record numbers.

Phillips County Extension Agent Marko Manoukian says there was over $405,000 in sales, the most he’s seen in his 23 years working the event.

“It wasn’t only the businesses bidding. There were individuals, sole proprietor businesses as well, not the giant corporate businesses. So a good round of people. And I was just surprised when they brought out the first lamb and the auctioneer said $10. I thought to myself, you’d be lucky to get $3-5. He backed it off to about $5 and made his way back to $10 and then it was easy going after that.”

The averages were:

  • 2 lambs for $10/lb
  • 48 hogs for $12.28/lb
  • 31 steers for $5.41/lb

The auction was held virtually and in-person. Manoukian says about $35,000 of the money brought in was done so by online bidders.

Sales from the auction go back to the 4-H kids that raised the animals, with many often choosing to save the money for college.

“I hope (the 4-H kids) use that in good stead, meaning for the appropriate things. Whether it’s a nest egg for college or some other needed purpose. And be appreciative that a small agriculture community can do with over $400,000 (sales) on less than 100 animals.”

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