2 of 2 precincts reporting

Local Races

For County Commissioner District A

John F. Carnahan (R): 1507

Write-In: 000


For County Clerk and Recorder

Lynnel Labrie (R): 1598

Write-In: 000


For Sheriff / Coroner:

Jerry Lytle (R): 1549

Write-In: 000


For County Attorney:

Dan O’Brien (R): 1461

Write-In: 000


For County Treasurer/Assessor/ Superintendent of Schools:

Ann M Remely (R): 1550

Write-In: 000


For Justice of the Peace:

Katie L. McKeon (N): 360

Gayle Stall (N): 1347

Write-In: 000


County Results of State Legislative Races

State Representative District 32:

Jonathan Windy Boy (D): 200

Write-In: 000


State Representative for District 33:

Casey Knudsen (R): 1010

Jordon Ophus (D): 191


County Results of Statewide and Federal Races

For United States Representative 2nd Congressional District:

Sam Rankin (L): 17

Penny Ronning (D): 201

Matt Rosendale (R): 1368

Gary Buchanan (I):  159

Write-In: 000


For Public Service Commissioner District 1:

Randy Pinocci (R):

Write-In: 1457


For Supreme Court Justice #1:

Jim Rice (N): 1266

Bill D’Alton (N): 237

Write-In: 000


For Supreme Court Justice #2:

Ingrid Gustafson (N): 524

James Brown (N): 1127

Write-In: 000


Local Results of Statewide Ballot Issues

Constitutional Amendment No. 48

(An Amendment to the Montana Constitution to explicitly protect electronic data from unreasonable search and seizures)

YES: 1341

NO: 324


Legislative Referendum No. 131:

(Legally protect born-alive infants by imposing criminal penalties on health care providers)

YES: 1039

NO: 556